🍕 Introducing “Apollo Sala de Mese” 🍕

At Fabricate, we had the opportunity to turn design dreams into a delicious reality! 🎨✨

The mind behind this pizzeria’s captivating aesthetic is none other than Andrea Cornila. Her vision brought “Apollo Sala de Mese” to life with a perfect blend of modern sophistication and cozy charm.

Our dedicated team at Fabricate made sure every detail was meticulously crafted. We poured our heart and soul into every aspect of production.

Our tables are a stunning blend of form and function, featuring Pedrali chromed central bases that provide both stability and style. Each table is crowned with luxurious marble slabs encased in sleek metal frames, adding an elegant touch to your dining experience. 🍽️✨

And when it comes to the bar and seats, we’ve taken innovation to a whole new level. White ceramic tiles grace the bar and turquoise for the seats, creating a fresh and modern look. What makes it even more special? The 3D printed aligning spacers, ensuring every tile is perfectly placed with precision. 🧩🔳

Visit them to witness the craftsmanship and design that make “Apollo Sala de Mese” a true gem. 🏛️ #DesignDetails #Craftsmanship #ApolloSalaDeMese #FabricateDesigns #PizzaPerfection #fabricatero.

Come on over and savor the flavors of “Apollo Sala de Mese” while soaking in the enchanting atmosphere. 🌟🍽️