Brief? Design a mobile coffee bar for Jacobs summer events.

Solution: A 2 part mobile bar.

The MAIN part holds a ice cooler capable to keep the ice for as long as five days.

The countertop is covered with a 3 mm layer of PMMA for the shine and protection. It’s equipped with a 220v outlet and 2x USB charging ports. The iced water is stored in a steel polished thermos, ready to use with your favorite ice coffee.

• Under the countertop we’ve put together a drawer for quick use and some depositing spaces under the doors. • All the hinges and hardware fittings are top notch.

• A 2x2cm iron framework holds the plywood together and the LED lights that are framed by the aluminum profiles covered by the diffusers.

The SECONDARY part was used by customers to sit and drink Jacobs ice coffee while charging their smartphones.

Dimensions: Preparation part: 120 x 60 cm
Serving part: 60x60cm

Both frames are sitting on roller wheels totaling a height of 190cm.